About us

Since 2019, originally named TEO-The Energy Origin, Attributes™ has been leveraging on a diversified expertise and set of skills to create a dynamic synergy towards our goals.

about us

Empowering Transparency in Gas
Energy with Blockchain Expertise

Traceability is essential for a company to gain better trust, to valorize social and environmental efforts and to communicate without boundaries to customers.

Boasting a robust foundation in both the energy and innovation sectors, the dedicated team of Attributes™, which includes Blockchain specialists, developers, and business project managers, is steadfast in their commitment to aiding the gas value chain in its pursuit of increased transparency.

Our engagements
& memberships

In 2021, Attributes™ was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. This label is a guarantee of being part of the companies with a positive impact that combines environmental protection and financial viability.

Attributes™ is also member of the Climate Chain coalition, a network of Blockchain actors creating synergies to achieve ambitious climate action goals, and a contributor of the Fédération Française de la Blockchain, that aims to tackle strategic issues raised by Blockchain Technology.

Attributes™ has the B Corp Pending status, on its way to certification showing its strong commitment to meet highest levels of societal and environmental standards.